we work with you for your community supporting non-profit organizations the Arts education and promoting our environment protecting our environment with community led cleanups, fundraisers, maintenance, activism and awareness of and preservation of your local parks museums and heritage historical societies fostering local pride and unity.

Our purpose:

"To entice, inspire, and instigate...To excite others to reach further, look deeper, and push harder.. to encourage, facilitate, and support connection... within ourselves, our community, and nature." 

Kay Rising


Grassroots community-based organization of over two thousand members and growing interested and eager to participate in new activities and adventures. Rising Together LLC provides the link between small business and our members that will become new customers our support creates dialogue, loyalty, trust and satisfaction creating relationships with select businesses to forge mutually beneficial opportunities


 Get together with other members and actually do all those things you've been thinking about! Experience new activities and discover some you never knew existed ! Your wish is our Command! If there is an event or activity you would like to see here we will create it. Our members feedback interest and fulfillment is our mission. Safely enjoy local outings in a small group of friends and travel abroad to explore new lands and cultures in a safe friendly way.