Day 1 Arrive in San Juan . Drive to Fajardo , sit back , relax and enjoy the view during our short ferry ride to the beautiful island of Vieques where we will experience the most active bio luminescent bay in the world! An enchanting evening under the stars in the phenominally glowing warm water!

We will then camp on the beach, soft sand beneath us sleeping to the sound of the waves. 

Day 2 Acro yoga ! Fun in the sand playing on the beach and another night exploring this lovely island .. a full moon circle to follow and then one last sleep by the bay.

Day 3 Short little road trip to the Jungle of Florida ( floooreeda) stopping at a couple of jaw dropping sites along the way and making a stop at the walmart supercenter for any personal items needed forgotten or suddenly needed.. (wine anyone?)

arrive in the jungle , meet our guides and have a nice little lite and healthy dinner ....

you can choose to come on a short night adventure or stay back and settle in.

An evening circle and some time to center followed by a good nights rest sleeping to the sound of singing coqui frogs .

Day 4 after morning yoga and setting intentions for the day we will venture out for a forage hike and cave explore maybe a little lunch by a waterfall along the way. 

after dinner we have an option for a sunset outing to a most mystical absolutely beautiful beach or some time to sit back and journal by a fire... doing both ... or even neither is totally up to you...

Day 5 After a light breakfast we can say good bye to the jungle and take a moment to sit and reflect on the absolute gift this place has been....few places are as pure raw and serene.

To the beach!!!! Not just any beach but one that'll require a camera for sure... we will stay here until after lunch then head to Old San Juan.

Posada San Francisco!!!! A hip place that with a stellar view... we've got some fun surprises set for our remaining time but here you'll also have some time to choose your story . We will eat dinner and check out the little city night life.. 

Day 6 We have the whole day to choose any fun stuff we like before we leave! it's a free day..explore Old San Juan Historic some international friends at the hostel..take some down time by yourself.. up to you but you'll have choices.

A few Q & A 's for you..

I'm terrified of bugs.. and I don't want malaria... Do I need a ton of shots , to wear a bee keepers suit and sleep in a netted tent?

Nope!!!! the jungle has no dangerous creepy crawlers and few insects.. the singing frogs and happy bats have very full tummies. A simple squirt of your favorite repelling essential oil , skin so soft, or bugaway bracelet will suffice in the city and by the bay but the jungle has few pests , no animals and nothing to fear . We will have clean drinking water and no exposure to anything a shot is needed for.

I'm pretty brave and not totally out of shape but some things just may not resonate with me.. can I opt out of some activites? will their be alternatives?

Absolutely no pressure... if you're not digging it.... you don't have to! You may feel a calling to reach deep and some things you never thought of ..well you might be compelled to try.. stay within your comfort level but don't be afraid to reach a little bit.... you'll be surrounded by support and encouragement. 

I have dietary needs/preferences will there be food for me?

No problemo.. all meals are prepared in a way that will suit all preferences and vegan vegetarian gluten free and even paleo diets can be satisfied.

I have never camped before.. Do I need to go buy a whole bunch of expensive equipment? 

Nope! P.R. is warm so bringing a simple light easily compact blanket a yoga mat or sleeping pad and a small cheap tent is fine... if you do not have or cant borrow these items .. talk to Kay.. theres always loaner gear from her adventure group thats available for a small dontaion to her gear fund. although we have loaners it is a very strong recommendation .. not only for this trip but also in the event of emergencies power outages and well... zombies... OWN A HEADLAMP.. not a flashlight.. have 2 even.. they are not expensive and can be a lifesaver in many circumstances... plus quite entertaining for shadow puppets and when placing at your chin and putting on your spooky voice..  

Is the city dangerous? 

Any thing can be dangerous if you don't use your head. some general guidelines.. for this trip and pretty much a trip anywhere..

Dont flash jewelry, money, or boobies. Theres safety in numbers . Better decisions and more awareness when sober. leave the jewelry home altogether along with the pocketbook.. invest in a hip pack thingy. whether in the jungle or the city... although I've wondered both alone.. have a buddy.. it's unfamiliar and your oooh and ahhh with distract you and have you stand out. an evening celebratory drink is fine but save it for the end of the day. The worst I've experienced in P.R. is near the cruise ships there are pick pockets beggars and some a little google search of p.r. tourist scams.. theyre pretty harmless and usually obvious. use your head and theres no issues... Or stick with Kay... shes been there a dozen times and no one ever bother her... "even the really bad people stay away from us.... a pickpockets nose prevents them from getting close enough to do their thing when we've been camping for 4 days".

Ummmm bathrooms? showers? What if I have lady issues while I am there?

we will have showers and bathrooms the entire time... except for the 2 nights in the jungle... we will have ... shall we say... primitive accommodations and shower under a waterfall ..